2nd TPM SpicE Project Meeting

On 9 and 10 March, SpicE partners met in Thessaloniki, Greece for their 2nd TPM Project Meeting, where the achieved tasks and next steps were discussed.

The event was held by the University of Macedonia (UoM) and partners from all countries involved in the project (Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Spain) attended the meeting. Moreover, the event was also available online for those partners that could not attend face-to-face.

On the first day, administrative issues were discussed, which were followed by a special session on the strategy for STEAM in Special Education, moderated by the University of Macedonia, the host of the event, with the participation of the University of Alicante. The latter was responsible for the second session on the Community of Practice of SpicE, where the next steps and tasks thereof were defined.

The next day, partners were guided as regards their roles in project dissemination (session moderated by UA), after which the University of Cyprus (UCY) provided a thorough understanding as regards the professional development of STEAM Special Educators. Additionally, the coordinating institution (HOU), led by Prof. Achilles Kameas, described the project milestones.

Overall, partner had the opportunity to discuss the main relevant tasks to date and could reach a consensus on the next steps that should be followed to successfully achieve the project goals on the stipulated time.

Certainly it was a fruitful experience for all partners to meet face to face once again in Greece.